CPV Retail Energy Chooses ArcTrade Technology Platform

End-to-End Platform Expected to Facilitate Clean Energy Solutions

SUGAR LAND, TX – CPV Retail Energy, the recently announced retail electric division of Competitive Power Ventures (CPV), has selected ArcTrade as the technology platform to help the company offer clean energy products backed by CPV’s world-class generation fleet directly to businesses to help meet their ESG goals.  

“As we grow the CPV Retail Energy brand, working with a premier technology platform like ArcTrade will enable the company to drive customer value by ensuring we are operating at the highest level possible which will directly benefit our customers,” said Qadir Khan, President of CPV Retail Energy. 

ArcTrade will serve as the end-to-end platform that will facilitate retail sales to industrial and commercial customers within states in the PJM market.  

“CPV is a forward-looking emerging energy retailer whose mission is to provide energy customers with comprehensive and clean energy solutions. They seek a technology platform that can provide complete  capabilities to support their energy product development and service delivery.” ArcTrade CEO, Lesley Yang said. “We look forward to working with CPV to innovate the business models and transform the future of  energy.” 

About ArcTrade
ArcTrade is an end-to-end platform for retail energy providers, containing a full suite of features for all energy operations: EDI transactions, pricing engine, digital contract management, energy trading & risk management, load forecasting & scheduling, ISO settlement, energy billing & payments, as well as customer relationship management. By integrating all back-office operations into a single solution,  Arctrade enables our retail energy providers to offer unique and innovative clean energy products. The ArcTrade platform was built from the ground up by a team with deep industry knowledge and technical expertise. Our goal is to provide digital infrastructure that improves efficiency and transparency in the energy industry. 

For more information, please visit www.arctrade.com

About CPV Retail Energy 
CPV Retail Energy is a retail electric provider founded in 2022, initially targeting large commercial and industrial customers within the PJM market region and eventually expanding into New York and New  England. CPV is a wholly owned subsidiary of Competitive Power Ventures, a leading US developer of sustainable generation, supplying some of the top ten companies within the Fortune 500.  For more information, please visit www.cpvretail.com.

About CPV 
CPV Group LP, a partnership majority owned by OPC Energy Ltd., has over two decades of unprecedented success in the development and operation of highly efficient and low emitting electric generation and renewable projects in the United States.  CPV is focused on applying its development, financial and project management expertise to advance the next generation of technologies, including dispatchable power projects that will utilize carbon capture technology, and an extensive renewable pipeline, to yield extremely low carbon power that will help drive the nation’s decarbonization goals forward.

For more information: http://www.cpv.com and follow CPV on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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Director, External & Regulatory Affairs
Competitive Power Ventures
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