Significant New Revenue

The CPV Valley Energy Center will represent a long-term source of additional Communityrevenue for town government and the local school district through a PILOT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) agreement. During its first two decades of operation, the project is estimated to provide in excess of $45 million in additional revenue that can be used to help reduce tax burdens, provide funding for infrastructure maintenance, support local recreation and civic programs and much more.

Significant Local Economic ActivityCommunity

In addition to the increased local revenue, the project will also provide a significant boost for the local economy with the creation of well-paying jobs both in the short-term, during construction, and long-term, with employment opportunities to operate  the facility once completed. It’s expected that approximately 895 construction jobs will be created at the peak of construction, and about 23 direct full-time employees during operation.

Local merchants and other businesses will benefit from the increased economic activity resulting from the new jobs created in the area. This new income is spent in the local economy because of CPV’s corporate philosophy to purchase local material, to the greatest extent possible, as just one of the ways of supporting the host community.

Regional Environmental Benefits

Job Impacts of VEC Construction

In full-time equivalent (FTE) job-years, CPV Valley will create about 2,900 job-years for New York workers during the three-year construction period. This number consists of about 850 direct job-years, 800 indirect job-years, and 1,250 induced job-years. A significant portion of these jobs will likely be created in Orange County, about 700 direct job-years, 700 indirect job-years, and 1,000 induced job-years.

Study Area Direct Indirect Induced
Orange County 691 706 999
New York State 855 806 1,261

Source: Socioeconomic Impact Analysis for the CPV Valley Energy Center, Levitan & Associates, May 16, 2013

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