The right place at the right time...CPV Valley Energy Center

The lower Hudson Valley is evolving and so are its energy needs.

The CPV Valley Energy Center is a custom-designed solution to meet the growing electricity needs of the region. Located directly adjacent to Interstate 84 on an industrially-approved 122-acre lot, the CPV Valley Energy Center will employ dry-cooling and the most advanced natural gas turbine and environmental control technology. It will be one of the cleanest conventional electric generating projects in the world when it comes on-line in 2018.

Driven by two gas turbines and one steam turbine in a “combined-cycle” configuration utilizing clean natural gas, CPV Valley will generate upwards of 650 megawatts. Annually supplying the total electricity needs for the equivalent of more than half-a-million New York state households.

CPV Valley’s dry-cooling design saves more than 85 percent of the water used by similar wet-cooled facilities. The water the Project does require will come from recycled water it purchases from the City of Middletown.

CPV Valley not only is environmentally responsible, but it also puts
New Yorker’s back to work, injects private capital into the local economy, is a major new revenue stream for local governments and helps fund area schools.

It’s time to build the CPV Valley Energy Center.

Hudson Valley Building and Construction Trades Council

"On behalf of our membership, which consists of 28 local trade unions and over 10,000 members, we strongly support the CPV Valley Energy Center project. Since this project was first announced, more than five years ago, we have worked closely with CPV and watched them work closely with local and regional communities to meet the needs of everyone involved. I really can’t say enough about their dedication to this being a model project."

- L. Todd Diorio, President Hudson Valley Building and Construction Trades Council

Advanced Testing

"Efficiency is ever-increasing through technological advances, however our usage of available energy continues to increase and we must be willing to upgrade our energy infrastructure to meet future demand. CPV's project is very timely as Indian Point's current license to operate is being considered for renewal. If not renewed New York could experience a major energy shortage and this project can help mitigate that."

James P. Smith, Jr.,
President, Advanced Testing

Orange County Partnership

Over the past five years CPV Valley Energy has, through a concerted effort to keep the public informed with open meetings, newsletters and an informational website, developed an unprecedented level of public support for its clean, natural gas powered electric generating facility. Undoubtedly, this project will foster an economic impact that will resonate well beyond Orange County and the lower Hudson Valley. Its location, which backs up against a major interstate highway and fronts on a highly traveled state road, is within the Priority Growth Corridor.

Maureen Halahan
President & CEO Orange County Partnership

Orange County Citizens Foundation

"According to both the Orange County Comprehensive Plan and the Town of Wawayanda's own planning policy, the area selected for the project is designated for commercial development. The project is a good use of the land."

Nancy Proyect
President, Orange County Citizens Foundation

Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress

"Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress is a regional planning and policy organization dedicated to enhancing quality of life by promoting a balance between economic development and environmental protection. To that point, we find the integration of a gas-fired facility to be a strong compromise in addressing and preserving those two goals. The people of this region, as always, require that their energy needs be met through thoughtful, environmentally conscious and economically prudent means and the CPV project meets those objectives."

Jonathan Drapkin
President and CEO Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress

Orange County Chamber of Commerce

"Since the CPV team first introduced this project almost five years ago, they have built an unprecedented level of local support. This has occurred not by chance, but because CPV has gone to great lengths to work with local and regional communities to meet the needs of everyone involved. They have held scores of meetings with community members to educate everyone involved and to receive feedback on how to create a better project. This intensive outreach effort is likely the reason that this major power project enjoys such strong local support."

John A. Ambrosio, Ed.D.,
President Orange County Chamber of Commerce

Alliance for Balanced Growth

"As Co-Chairmen of the Alliance for Balanced Growth, we enthusiastically support CPV Valley Energy Center's site plan permit application before the Town of Wawayanda Planning Board."

John Lavelle &
Dominic Cordisco
Co-Chairs, Alliance for Balanced Growth

Local Resident

The CPV Valley Energy Center will have a significant positive impact for everyone in our community. The construction of this project will employ hundreds of workers in need of jobs and, once opened, the Energy Center will be a significant employer. The CPV Valley Energy Center will become a major tax payer, especially important to our school system which has been hit hard in recent years by budget cuts."

Jean Halahan
Local Resident

City of Middletown

"The CPV Valley Energy Center is precisely the type of facility that achieves the goals and objectives established by the Governor for his Energy Highway program. The addition of this project to the state's fleet of generation will enhance the overall reliability of New York's electric system not only due to its location in the Lower Hudson Valley, but also due to the plant's dual fuel capability."

Joseph M. DeStefano, Mayor
City of Middletown